NBRB B25a/P25

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Belarus P25 50 Rublei 2000 NBRB B25a

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Country: Belarus (Wit Rusland)/Belarus (White Russia)
Denomination: 50 Rublei
Period/Year: 2000


Bank initials НБРБ in secu thread 12,5x.
Red. Front: Holmsky Gate of Brest Fortress; Tapestry. Back: Star-shaped entrance to Brest Fortress. Wmk: Holmsky Gate.

Catalog reference: NBRB B25.a/P25..

Serial numbers: ПМ4144511

Catalog reference starting with B refers to 'The Banknote Book' by Owen W. Linzmayer.
Starting with P refers to 'The Pick book' also referenced as 'Standard Catalog of World Paper Money' which has 3 different editions:
   * General issues -1961,
   * Modern issues 1961-Present,
   * Specialized issues.

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